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How to Post Ad?

Below are simple steps to quickly post your ads on

  1. Login to the site
  2. Click on Post Free Ads at the top right corner of the site or click on Sell at the bottom right corner of the site.
  3. Fill in the Ad Information, Ad Detail and User Information in Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 respectively in the Ad Posting Page.
  4. Make sure up upload at least 3 unique images of your item.
  5. Click on Submit after entering the information.
  6. Your ad would be activated shortly (usual within an hour) after it has been reviewed by our team.

Interested buyers on the site can contact you via your phone number or direct message.

My Ad is not yet approved

Below could be one or more reason(s) your ad is not yet approved:

  1. You tried to post items/services that are prohibited on Please see below on Prohibited Items/Services on
  2. You tried to post ad that has sexually explicit image. This is prohibited on
  3. You tried to post several items within one ad. To correct this, make one ad for one item, then post another ad for another item.
  4. You tried to use pictures downloaded from the internet for physical items like vehicle, phone, real estate, etc. To correct, take pictures of the item you want to advertise using your phone or any image capturing device.
  5. The price you entered for your advert is unrealistic. Make sure you enter the appropriate market value of the item you want to sell. Make sure the price is similar to the prices of similar items in the market.

Rules to Posting Ads

  1. Your Ad must have a title
  2. Physical Adverts like vehicles, phones, Electronics, real estate, etc must have unique images taken by the seller. The images must not contain any phone number or watermark
  3. The prices of your ads must be fair or similar to similar items in the market
  4. Choose the proper ad category for your advert when posting an advert
  5. You must enter a location for your advert. The item must be located in Nigeria. Items outside Nigeria are prohibited.
  6. All your product/service must have a unique ad. You cannot advertise more than one item within an ad
  7. Your products/services must be legitimate

Prohibited Items/Services

  1. Illegal prescription or recreational drugs;
  2. Tobacco items and related paraphernalia;
  3. Weapons, ammunition or explosives;
  4. Stolen items
  5. Human remains or human body part
  6. Adult items or services;
  7. Alcohol;
  8. Prohibited military/police items
  9. Real money gambling services;
  10. Products/services that we determine may be or are fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or offensive;
  11. Networking business and pyramid program
  12. Items or products with overtly sexualized positioning;
  13. Subscriptions, digital products, or adverts without any intent to sell items, products, or services on Marketplace;
  14. Products or items that facilitate or encourage unauthorized access to digital media.
  15. All Products and services prohibited by law for sale

How can I edit my Ad?

You can edit your ad by logging in to your dashboard and clicking ‘MY ADS’. Then scroll to the particular ad you want to edit and click on the pen icon below the ad to edit it.

How to Share your advert on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Sharing your ads on Facebook, Twitter and or Google+ increases the reach of your ads. Below is how to share your ad

  1. Login to your dashboard
  2. Click on MY ADS
  3. Scroll to the ad you want to share and click on it
  4. You will be directed to the page of the ad
  5. Click Share at the bottom of the picture of the ad
  6. Click on the appropriate social media icon below the appearing image to share your ad


How to make my Ads more Effective?

Here are ways to make your ads more effective for quick sales conversion

  1. Make sure you correctly fill all the detail of the product or service when posting the ad. A properly detailed advert gives interested buyers the needed information about your products/services;
  2. Share your ad on Facebook, Twitter and Google+: Sharing your ad on Facebook, Twitter and or Google+ can increase the reach of your ad. See above on how to face your ad on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  3. Another strategic way to make your ad very effective is to upgrade to our Featured Services. Sign in to your Dashboard to see the Packages of the Featured Services.

What is the Duration of my ad on

If your ad is not deleted by you, your ad will be on for a period of 3-6 months from the day your ad was approved until it is automatically removed.

What to do if my ad is sold

When a buyer has contacted you and purchased your item/service, you should change the status of the ad from Active to Sold in your dashboard. When you change the status of your ad to Sold, a watermark with the tag ‘SOLD’ would appear on your ad and your ad will be automatically deleted after some days.

What is Featured Service

Inline with our continued efforts to ensure that your items/services reach a wide range of interested buyers, we have added a special boosting service to ensure your ads get to a wider range of interested buyers, such that you get up to 20x more clients for your ads than usual, thereby selling your items/services quicker and making more money. Sign in to your Dashboard to see the different packages of the Featured Service.